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R.O.Star The Sandwich Cafe Toyosu

Beer or coffee? The choice is up to you

R.O. Star roasts its coffee beans in "The Factory" in Nishi-Azabu using Giesen, one of the top coffee roasters from the Netherlands. They showcase various roasts from key coffee producers, such as the Mandheling, a bitter and spicy coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia, mild and creamy tasting beans from Colombia, as well as the cacao and nutty flavours that Brazil is known for.

Recently R.O.Star has also started selling draft beer. Some people come here to study, so why not combine both? Personally I've discovered a positive effect of beer (in moderate quantities) on my Japanese. In summer you can also purchase a carrot and ginger cake or strawberry shortcake in a cup, which is great both for take-out and eat-in. In other seasons cakes come in slices. The addition of orange zest and walnuts make the carrot and ginger cake taste like a luxurious fruitcake.

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