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Meets Port

A hub for fine dining in the Tokyo Dome City

If you're a picky eater chances are that Meets Port will leave you satisfied, with seven restaurants ranging from modern Spanish cuisine to tomato-themed à la carte. With a patisserie, garden cafe, Starbucks and 7-11 the complex provides for the more casual visitors too. The ambience is delightful and the restaurants are popular with the locals, a sure guarantee that the food is good.

There are seven restaurants in the main tower, each quite unique in their own right. The cuisine on offer includes Italian, Pizza, Sushi, Tomato (apparently it's a thing), and modern Japanese. Prices are surprisingly easy on the wallet, ranging from ¥1000 to ¥2000 on average for a standard meal. The restaurants are very well designed, each has its own aesthetic to match the food but they all feel like premium dining.

The tower sits on top of the Tokyo Dome City Hall, a multi-purpose hall used for sports, music, cultural events and other entertainment. The hall has three tiers of seating and fits over 3,000 people. The décor is artistic and vibrant with walls of colour and strange decorations painted in contrasting colours. The atmosphere is immediately serene and inviting, but hints at a hidden energy that could give a rise to a rock gig. I haven't been to an event there so let us know in the comments if you have!

The garden area is a romantic spot with a cafe and copious seating amongst the trees and bushes. The benches are recessed in semi-circles into the bushes, creating intimate yet publicly inviting spaces. Laughter spills out from the neighbouring restaurant Saryo, a popular spot for outside dining. With a light breeze and a setting sun the area has a dreamy quality that encourages you to stay for just another ten minutes.

Meets Port is easily found on the corner of Hakusan Street and Sotobori Street and is right next to Suidobashi Station from both the Metro and the JR line. Take the south exit from the Metro station or the east exit from the JR station and you can't miss the cylindrical glass and steel building with a tall glowing blue wall section. That being said, the entire Tokyo Dome City is worth an exploration, and there's a whole variety of train lines that give you access to the area, just make sure you give yourself enough time to explore the attractions on offer.

Meets Port is a place that's perfect for bringing a few close friends and spending the night drinking over delicious food. Enjoy the atmosphere and the convenience and relax amidst the premium design of any one of the quality eating establishments. At the end of the night you can have a wander through the glowing paved garden and catch a train home.

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