Mitake Terrace

The perfect spot for a bite to eat by Mt. Mitake

By Kim B    - 2 min read

For many Tokyoites, Mount Mitake offers the opportunity to connect with nature without needing to leave the prefecture. Only around an hour and a half from the center of Shinjuku, the area is full of postcard-worthy scenery, and if that wasn't enough there's now an additional reason to visit. Mitake Terrace is a newly opened cafe directly across from the JR Mitake Station, which serves up a host of eats and drinks to enjoy alongside a spectacular view.

One of the most popular menu items is the chicken and waffles (1200 yen), which comes served with maple syrup and manages to combine the best of sweet and savory on the one plate. There are a number of other dishes available which pair well with an ice-cold beer, including the grilled sausages (700 yen) and fried potatoes (500 yen). If you're after something a little lighter, particularly during the warmer months, be sure to check out the impressive range of gelato offerings. There's a flavor to suit just about every palate, including the standard favorites of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, through to some more Japanese inspired varieties like hojicha and green tea.

Another pleasant addition to the menu is the range of non-alcoholic drinks from Fentimans, a botanical brewery based out of Hexham in England. The drinks are served in retro bottles, and include options such as Victorian lemonade, curiosity cola, and gently sparkling elderflower to name a few.

The cafe's interior is full of natural light owing to the large windows, which show off the wonderful surroundings. Pull up a chair, enjoy some food, and soak in the views before or after your visit to Mount Mitake.

Getting there

Mitake Terrace is located only two minutes on foot from Mitake Station, served by the JR Ome Line. If you opt to drive to the cafe, parking is available on-site. Bicycle racks are also available for cyclists.

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Sherilyn Siy 2 weeks ago
Nice how the simple interior puts the spotlight outdoors.
Kim B Author 2 weeks ago
Agreed - definitely a case of less is more in this situation!
Elizabeth S 2 weeks ago
What a place to sip a beer. The windows are like picture frames of the views.
Elizabeth S 2 weeks ago
Wow, this is certainly a better incarnation for the building! It does reverence to that landscape.
Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
Great views from windows! Chicken & waffles a bit odd combination, but it's better to try! ;)
Elena Lisina a week ago
I never even tried any food but Japanese in my trips in Japan. Well, I was told that ramen and gyoza are actually Chinese! :D
Sleiman Azizi 2 weeks ago
Another awesome emblem!
Sleiman Azizi a week ago
Wow, what a neat brand. Thanks!