MoCHA Cat Café in Harajuku

Can you handle such a pretty cat café?

By Jeradyne Cheong    - 2 min read

MoCHA has some of the prettiest cat cafés in Tokyo. Unlike some other cat cafes that offer only a small space and are not very aesthetically pleasing, moCHA is the complete opposite. All 4 of their cat cafés have many large windows that allow a lot of natural light to come in during the day, and during the night they offer a view of the city lights.

The one I visited was in Harajuku and it was absolutely beautiful. It is very spacious and really allows the cats to run freely. Oh, and the cats were crazy adorable too. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The rate is ¥200 (excluding tax) for every 10 minutes, which isn’t especially expensive compared to the other cat cafés around. All drinks are made from coffee machines and are bottomless, priced at ¥350 each. They do not serve food and it is definitely more “cat” than “café” but this isn’t a problem since the main purpose of my visit was to play with the cats.

It is less than a minute’s walk from the Harajuku station so there’s really no reason not to visit. Check out the website to see where the other 3 moCHA cafés are!

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