Nescafe Kotatsu Café

The perfect way to combat winter's chill in Tokyo

Nov 26th
Dec 12th
Venue: Nescafe Harajuku When: Nov 26th - Dec 12th 2021

The winter months in Japan can get quite cold – especially in certain parts of the country – but thankfully there are a number of inventive ways to keep warm. One of them is the kotatsu, a low wooden table covered with a heavy blanket and with a heating element underneath it. Cozying up under one of these is the perfect way to battle chilly days, and for a limited-time, Nescafe Harajuku will be incorporating kotatsu at a fun pop-up café event.

The Nescafe Kotatsu Café runs from November 26th until December 12th, and guests can snuggle up and enjoy coffee and their choice of several desserts including a mandarin orange ice cream daifuku, a cat-shaped ice cream cake, or a mandarin orange sorbet.

The cat-shaped ice cream cake looks extremely adorable
The cat-shaped ice cream cake looks extremely adorable (Photo: Nestle Japan Co., Ltd.)

Seating in the café is limited to 16 people, so depending on the time you visit you may have to wait for a table to open up.

Getting there

The Nescafe Harajuku store is located just two minutes on foot from Harajuku Station, which is served by the JR Yamanote Line.

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Elizabeth S 3 days ago
Ah, this just reminded me to break out the kotatsubuton. Now I just have to find the power cord...
Kim Author 2 days ago
That's always the challenge!!
Elena Lisina 4 days ago
Nice! I wondered how to place feet under such a low table, but then found there is a special niche, lower than a floor level!
Kim Author 3 days ago
It's all cleverly designed! :)