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A convenient capsule hotel with a great atmosphere

By José Manuel Zardain    - 3 min read

For many tourists visiting Japan, sleeping at a capsule hotel is the icing on the cake of their trip. I was one of them. I wanted to feel what it was like to stay at one of these extremely compact and modern Japanese accommodations. While researching my different options, I came across an enormous variety of quality and prices. I finally decided to go with Oak Hostel Cabin in Tokyo. It came out to be an excellent choice: cheap, clean, and well located.

As soon as I arrived I was welcomed by a friendly and excellent English speaking staff. They assigned me a capsule in a male-only floor (there are also mixed and female-only rooms available). The size of the cockpit compartment was as small as I had expected, however it was more comfortable than I thought it would be. The bamboo curtain made my small space more private and cozier. There was no TV inside the capsule as many other hotels offer, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have used it even if it had been there.

The hostel has a great atmosphere with visitors from all over the world. The fully equipped kitchen and shared tables in the common area makes it easy to start a conversation with anyone. A high speed Wi-Fi, a free to use computer, printing service, and the loan of electric adaptors makes the lounge an excellent place to work or stay connected.

Although the hotel doesn’t offer any food, there is a supermarket and convenience store five minutes away. If you are low on budget, just as I was, it’s a great idea to buy some groceries and use the kitchen to cook yourself. Not only did this saved me money, but it also allowed me to meet more people while preparing my meals.

The great location of the hotel and quick access to the Hanzomon, Tozai and Hibiya metro lines made it easy to move around and visit the main attractions of the city. Additionally, the hotel offers bicycles for rent (¥600 per day) for its guests. The staff offered me very helpful tips of what to visit in Tokyo on two wheels.

Overall, Oak Hostel Cabin proved to be an excellent place to stay. Although the prices of each capsule vary not only on the season but also on the type of room (male, female, mix) the average price is ¥2,500 per night.

The Oakhouse Co. offers three other options in Tokyo that might be good checking them out as well: Oak Hostel Fuji (dormitory style, close to Asakusa station), Oak Hostel Zen (capsule style; located in central Chuo ward), and Oak Hotel Ikebukuro (conventional individual rooms; located close to the Sunshine 60 observatory).

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José Manuel Zardain

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I believe this is where I stayed when I got stranded at the T-CAT at around 12:30 a.m. The nice guy at T-CAT showed me a map. This is the one past the IBM, right? I did not have a reservation and I just showed up that late, since I needed to sleep somewhere before catching the first bus to Narita. The front desk was nice enough to put me in one of the capsules. The capsules are VERY COMFORTABLE! I love the mirror on the side. My carelessness, however, had me bumping my head on the T.V., so I ended up with a big lump on my forehead close to my hairline. The hair dryers were nicer than the ones you got at hotels. It's actually like a hotel, except you sacrifice privacy for the cost. Maybe when I go to Japan again, I'll just stay there again. I just loved it!
Victoria Vlisides 4 years ago
Looks very nice!
José Manuel Zardain Author 4 years ago
It is very nice and the location of it is amazing!
I stayed at the women's capsules and yes, they are very comfortable!
Relinda Puspita 4 years ago
Nice.looks comfy.
Relinda Puspita 4 years ago
Nice.looks comfy.