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Observing Tokyo High Up...for Free

See Tokyo's mega nightlife from the top of Shinjuku

I have many people mention the view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, or what locals call 'Tōkyō Tochō'. This Shinjuku skyscrapers is not just another government building, it's also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo. And you know why? It's because this building offers a free ride to its 45th floor FOR FREE. And from that floor, we can see the whole of Tokyo. 

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a famous tourist attraction as it offers this free attraction - the Tokyo skyline and its surroundings. This building is 243 meters tall and consists of two towers. Each tower has an observatory at the height of 202 meters. Until 2007, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was the tallest building in Japan, now replaced by Midtown Tower in Roppongi.

If the weather's good, you can see all  of Tokyo's exciting landmarks; places like Mount Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, and Tokyo Dome. Each observatory has a cafe and gift shop. The north observatory is open until late, making it a famous spot to enjoy the night view of this mega city.

I've previously seen Tokyo from high up one afternoon at the World Trade Center near Hamamatsucho Station. This time, I wanted to try to see Tokyo's skyline view at night.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is very easy to reach. Just go to Tocho-mae Station on the Oedo Subway line. You can also walk from JR Shinjuku Station. Just take the west exit and walk for ten minutes. The building is easy to spot and you can also ask anyone on the street - you won't get lost!

How about its hours? Both towers open at 9:30AM. The South Observatory closes at 5:30PM and the North Observatory closed at 11PM. To be able to get in, make sure you arrive 30 minutes before closing time! Bear in mind that this attraction is closed 29 December to 3 January (except the 1st of January).

I was really satisfied with my visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Apart from being free, it also offers an outstanding view. Look out over the glamorous nightlife of the city, the bustling traffic underneath, and try to guess what iconic place you are currently viewing! For a cheap holiday activity and a spectacular view, this is a well-kept secret!

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Katie Jackson 8 years ago
Great! I know where I am going next time I am in Shinjuku for any reason what so ever.
Melissa Tang 8 years ago
This is a great tip for us to save money and enjoy the spectacular night view!
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
For free is always good!

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