Okutama's Mitake Shrine

Tokyo’s sacred mountain retreat

By Steve Morton    - 1 min read

Although only officially recognized as a Shrine since 1874, Mount Mitake in Tokyo`s rural Okutama district stands proudly at 929 meters high and has served as a place of worship for almost 2000 years making it one of Japan`s most sacred sites.

Perched at the summit of this mountain, Musashi-Mitake Shrine has become a popular destination for many hikers and day trippers who come here hoping to find some refuge amongst the crisp mountain air and tranquil atmosphere. Also located within this complex is a special building which houses a number of national treasures including swords, armor and various documents dating back many centuries. Admission to the treasure house is 300 yen but well worth the entrance fee!

Accessible via bus and cable car from Mitake Station, this shrine can be enjoyed as a day trip or as part of an extended trip with many overnight accommodation options available in the peaceful village of Mitake below which has been welcoming pilgrims for many hundreds of years


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