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Qino's Manhattan New York Deli

Indulge in a New York deli style sandwich

Wisps of steam rolled off the freshly toasted rye bread and out of the meat of the first New York Reuben I'd eaten in too many years. The sweet and tangy spicy brown mustard, the juicy slices of corned beef, the melting cheese, and sauerkraut satisfied the sandwich craving that had gone unfulfilled for so long.

Quino's Manhattan New York Coffee, Sandwich, Sweets

Cheap, skinny, cabbage and egg stuffed sandwiches abound in the myriad of convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan, and the fast food giant Subway has also established itself in the country. A truly quality sandwich, however, remains an elusive and nostalgic indulgence in the Land of the Rising Sun. A tip off from a Facebook friend alerted me to the presence of a New York style sandwich deli, "Near Myogani Station," in Tokyo. I located the deli, Qino's Manhattan New York, on a business trip and after indulging in my first New York Reuben in too many years, Qino's became a pilgrimage point for every trip I've made to Tokyo. Qino's makes its sandwiches with fresh bread, toasted to your desired level of perfection, and stuffs them with corned beef, pastrami, turkey breast, chicken, ham, bacon or salami, and cheese and vegetables until they are inches thick. All sandwiches are then properly dressed with spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut, pickles, mayonnaise, or salt and pepper. The extensive "New York deli" toppings and extras menu ensures that a wide range of sandwich tastes are catered for. Qino's also has a panini/sandwich grill to make the perfect ham and cheese cheese melt, or any other kind of melt or grilled sandwich. Coleslaw, chips, chips n' salsa, french fries and soups contribute to a complete meal. Coffee, cheesecake and fruit tarts are also on the menu but I haven't yet indulged in them. English menus are available as is delivery in the Tokyo 23 ward area (delivery fee and minimum order requirements apply).

Getting There

Qino's Manhattan New York is on the Kasuga Dori a few hundred meters away from Myogani Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line. Go out the ticket gates, cross the main street (the Kasuga Dori) and turn right. There is a Lexus dealer across the street from Qino's and a Santoku Supermarket a few doors further down.

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Chris Barnes 8 years ago
I love finding places like this is Japan, however I'm always a bit disappointed about the price! Nice find though
Bryan Baier Author 8 years ago
The price is disappointingly high, but then again so are rent rates in Tokyo
Jerome Lee 8 years ago
THAT is a hefty, delicious looking sandwich.
Bryan Baier Author 8 years ago
It was very good
Jennifer Nakajima 8 years ago
looks yummy :-)

how much per sandwich?
Bryan Baier Author 8 years ago
It's just Bryan :-)

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