Satsuki Festival at Ueno Park

Azalea bonsai making a big impression

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Mid - Late
Venue: Ueno Park When: Mid - Late May 2023

On a recent, late-May outing to Ueno park, I stumbled across the Satsuki Festival presented by The Japan Satsuki Association. At full bloom, Japanese azalea (satsuki) bonsai are a bright, stunning burst of color. Carefully maintained and crafted, they dazzle on their small pedestals.

Three double-sided rows in the wide promenade of northern Ueno park offered temporary housing for the beautiful, well-groomed specimens. Azaleas were also available for purchase, ranging from the equivalent of a mere few to a few hundred dollars, while pruning tips were available to those interested in cultivating their own mini masterpieces.

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Claudinei santos a year ago
I’m a SATSUKi lover and really really really would like to enjoy this year, but with Covid situation I have to wait for the next year. Next year I will be there 😍😍
Kim 3 years ago
These are beautiful - wow!
Elena Lisina 6 years ago
Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!