Shiofune Kannon

A wonderful spot to enjoy springtime azaleas

By Kim B    - 1 min read

Springtime is a popular time to visit Japan, in large part due to the beauty of the cherry blossoms that pop up across the country. Another bloom that you'll often see in the spring months are azaleas, in their glorious pinks, purples, reds and whites.

If you're in the Tokyo area, one of the best places to enjoy azaleas in all their glory is Shiofune Kannon. Situated on the outskirts of Tokyo, the grounds of the temple here are covered with azalea bushes. The end of April and start of May are usually the best times to see them blooming. The grounds are usually free to enter, but when the azaleas are in bloom there's a 300 yen admission fee.

Getting there

Shiofune Kannon is located in Ome, on the outskirts of Tokyo. The nearest station is Kabe Station on the JR Ome line, and the grounds are approximately a 40 minute walk from there. If you're headed there via private vehicle, there is a small parking lot by the entrance. During most of the year parking is free, but when the azaleas are in bloom there is a parking fee of 700 yen - have some coins on you!

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