Street Scenes

Photos of everyday life in Japan

 By Elena Lisina   Aug 18, 2016

When I travel, I try to watch life in motion rather than only visiting the places of interest. I try to notice many details – how people like to dress, their facial expressions, business as usual and their habits. Also, I like to wander the plain streets and watch ordinary houses where people live. Such places give me more understanding of a country. Thus, most of my photos taken in Japan are the photos of people and their surroundings. That’s what I enjoy!

Photography by Elena Lisina
Japan Travel Member

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Irma Platonova a year ago
It's really interesting to see everyday life pictures. We can see usual people and a little part of their culture.
Thanks for pictures. It's magnificent ^^
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Domou arigatou! )))
Corinna David a year ago
I love how your pictures tell stories of Japanese life. You're an awesome photographer!
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Argatou gozaimasu! )))
Ronald Dow a year ago
Beautiful photos grasping the spirit of everyday life in Japan!
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Thank you very much, Ronald! )))
Preethu a year ago
Nice way to recollect the ways passed through and understand the local life. Good pictures.
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Thank you! I'm happy to hear that!
Malcome Larcens a year ago
Nice pictures, I also find the locals as interesting as the famous sights if not more. It reveals a lot about places that we travel to.
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Hai, sou desuyo! Arigatou gozaimasu! I don't know why people tend to take the photos of architecture? Spirit of a country is in people and surroundings, in daily life, isn't it?