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The CBD Lifestyle of Tokyo

A look at the CBD-infused shops of Japan

One of the earliest Japanese arts was traditional tea brewing, but as the Dutch introduced cold brew coffee in the 1600s, the take on beverage consumption took a new form with consumers becoming more open to changes. Modern cold-brew coffees are no less experimental as producers and your local baristas continue to explore what appeals to the customer’s palate.

If you don’t have a constant itch to discover new cafés and trends that come with coffee culture then you may be unfamiliar with CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD is an active component that comes from the hemp plant. While it is from a cannabis plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which means there’s no reason to worry about getting high. And yes, it is completely legal in Japan. Because of the many health benefits of using CBD, there has been a spike in the demand for CBD oil over recent years.

If you happen to swing by Tokyo, here are some shops and cafés that focus on procuring products that are CBD infused:

CBD Coffee

First on the list is one that’s easy to spot, located directly outside Komaba-Todai Mae station, is CBD Coffee. Known for their takeout coffee and smoothies with CBD oil, you’ll find different edible products on their menu, and you’re free to decide the dosage of your CBD oil.

Photo: Global Touch Co., Ltd.

Udagawa Café

Meanwhile, Udagawa Café is known for its quirkiness; a coffee house/ bar in the heart of Shibuya that just debuted a series of CBD-infused coffees dubbed "Corona Break Days". It offers a tiny range of coffees and lattes, which use only 5% concentration CBD oil—a good amount of dosage for starters.


Another Café with the same touch of Californian style is Walala, it adheres to its core concept of linking CBD to the culture of health and wellbeing to give safe products to Japanese customers. Walala’s CBD products, including body lotions and serums, are made in Japan and can be found in a variety of beauty stores throughout the city.

Photo: Kanmul Co., Ltd.

CBD Green Store and GReEN

For a more economical approach, we have CBD Green Store and GReEN, perfect for newbies who are in their trial-and-error phase with CBD products. Green in Nihonbashi is a CBD personal consultation boutique that allows customers to experience before they buy. Body applications such as soap and moisturizing lotions, protein powders, post-workout cannabidiol bars, and CBD vape liquids tasting like cannabis and Californian OG Kush are up for grabs.


CBD Lab in Denenchofu is a CBD brand from Europe with a local presence. From CBD oil and paste to skin cream and even salmon-flavored CBD drops for pets, they have your needs covered.


For a CBD shop with strong advocacy, visit Mukoomi, which was established based on the vision of “everyone, regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity, has the foundation they need to harness their best selves”, this is in line with the achievements of its founder Priyanka Yoshikawa, the first biracial Miss World Japan in 2016.

H Think CBD

H Think CBD is a shop famous for its CBD cosmetic brands—from Biople by CosmeKitchen to Aeon Body stores that are lined up in different Tokyo's beauty clinics and pop-up stores, as well as other food establishments across the country. The shop specializes in multi-purpose isolation tinctures, which are blended with high-fat MCT oils and may be used to add CBD to food and drink, as well as repair roll-ons for direct application to the body.


If you’re not too keen on CBD, and just want to dabble on it in little amounts while partaking in other substances then Magokoro may be the shop suited for you. Magokoro in Kanagawa is a so-called hemp-style café and bar that pays homage to Japan's little-known hemp heritage by serving a daily Hemp Blessing Plate that includes hempseed ingredients, natural yeast hemp bread, hemp ice cream, and Cannabia, among other hemp-based foods and beverages.


Last on the list, is ironically the first CBD shop in Japan—HealthyTOKYO. Opened in Harajuku, one of Tokyo's most well-known towns, HealthyTokyo is known for being at the vanguard of fashion and pop culture. It functions as both a store and a cafe. HealthyTOKYO serves a collection of CBD-infused vegan desserts and drinks in addition to oils. Vegan-friendly cheesecake, mont blanc, and gateau chocolate, as well as gluten-free lasagna, are popular dishes on the menu.

All of the CBD items under the HealthyTOKYO brand are made with naturally derived CBD oil, and the business provides a variety of strengths and flavors. They also have beauty products under them like lotions and cosmetics.

Healthy Tokyo
Healthy Tokyo (Photo: image_vulture /

If you’re new to CBD, consult an expert on the differences between CBD oils including their effects and potency.

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