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Tokyo Walks: Mori Tower

A city of modern architecture, arts, and entertainment

Roppongi is a district in Tokyo well known for its nightlife district, offering a large number of foreigner-friendly, restaurants and night clubs.

The appearance of several art museums developed and gave Roppongi a reputation as a cultural center. At the center of Roppongi Hills stands the 238 meters tall Mori Tower, opened in 2003. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the city. Mori Tower building is mostly occupied by office space, but the first few floors have restaurants and shops, and the top few floors house an observation deck with a view of Tokyo City and Mori Art Museum, which are both open to the public.

Roppongi Hills is the example of a city within a city. The Tokyo City View observation deck is one of Tokyo's best. When the weather permits, views can also be enjoyed from an open-air deck on the rooftop. Other areas of interest include the Mori Garden and large Toho Cinemas movie theater that plays both Japanese and international movies.

I heard much about Roppongi Hills before coming to Tokyo and decided it was a "must see". I went to Roppongi Hills on a grey day but still enjoyed walking aroung Mori Tower and observing the modern design of the building and its surrounding that were obviously artistic. Because of the gloomy and rainy weather, I didn’t go up to the observation dek. If it was a fine day, I'd visit the Tokyo City View for sure!

Roppongi Hills is about a five minute walk from the Hibiya Line platform of Roppongi Station and a ten minute walk from the Oedo Line platform of Roppongi Station.

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