Tokyo Walks: Taito City

Traditional handicrafts, nature, and entertainment

By Elena Lisina   May 19, 2017

When walking around the most famous places in Tokyo like Asakusa, you can discover a lot of less interesting things, too. In Asakusa, I was able to enjoy the city by following volunteer guides and they took me to the exhibition of Taito City’s Traditional Crafts.

Taito City of Edo period was a major center of commerce and culture. A great variety of traditional handicrafts were developed there and are still carried down by artisans. The most famous crafts are wooden chests, silverware, Buddhist altars “butsudan.” lacquer wear, ornaments for temples and shrines, faceted glassware, and some kinds of dolls.

In Asakusa, you can find many shops with handicrafts and enjoy beautiful views while avoiding crowds at Sensoji temple or Nakamise shopping street. 

When traveling, I like to see as much as possible but without rushing. So, I like to take my time to enjoy many details and to watch people around me. Also, I like to take many photos and look through them on my way back home.

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Relinda Puspita a year ago
When in Japan, I love encountering handicraft shop or traditional event.
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Yes, me too as I'm a doll artist!