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Tokyo Walks: Ueno Park

Popular western-style public park in central Tokyo

Ueno Park is a large public park next to Ueno Station. It is one of Japan's first western style parks, and was opened to the public in 1873. There are several temples and shrines on its territory, besides that there is a National Museum and a Zoo. The park is very popular and crowded especially on weekends and holidays. Maybe the peak of its popularity is during the season of blooming cherry trees, or sakura, when people visit by thousands to feast their eyes at that wonderful sight.

I found Ueno Park to be not as beautiful and quiet as a Japanese landscape garden, but it has some pluses. Ueno Park is free of charge and is open from five o’clock in the morning till eleven o’clock at night. At the Shinobazu pond you can watch ducks, carp and seagulls. You can also rent a swan boat to float around on the pond. In addition, there are frequent festivals with stalls selling treats for children and adults.

Ueno Park is located in the center of Tokyo, so it’s easy to reach. I often come here just to have a rest. 

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