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VR Ninja Dojo

Don the shinobi shozoku and realize your ninja dreams

Fancy a spin on the usual VR experience or the standard ninja experience? Head down to VR Ninja Dojo where you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds through an immersive ninja-styled VR experience.

Newly opened in March 2019 in Kanda, Tokyo, VR Ninja Dojo offers ninja training and a fight in a VR setting. It comes complete with a storyline, and of course, the right outfit.

Imbued with traditional Japanese design throughout, its premises are lined with vibrant red and black wall panels surrounding tatami mats topped with floor cushions.

The company has since moved to the Odaiba area of Tokyo. Address and website information are now updated to reflect this.

Stepping into the ninja world

The “Red Fox” room is where guests are received and briefed, before changing into the shinobi shozoku, the traditional ninja attire. Dressing the part in black garb with roomy pants, long ribbon ties and tabi shoes, you’re bound to feel more of a ninja than before. Then keep your belongings in a handcrafted bamboo box, Tsuzura, a locker or with you in a pouch attached to your shinobi shozoku.

A few commemorative snapshots

When you’re done putting on the ninja outfit, move on to the “White Fox” room to pose for some snaps. The store features maneki-neko good luck charms, the agile shapeshifting tanuki (raccoon dog) and frogs too, which in Japanese, are called “kaeru”, a pun on returning wealth. Whatever the case, these animals make nice props for your photo session.

Pose for pictures in the "White fox" room
Pose for pictures in the "White fox" room

Now, you’re ready to start your training - except where is the door to the training room?! Well, perhaps what seems like a wall may not actually be so but a revolving door…

Only worthy ninjas pass through this door
Only worthy ninjas pass through this door

Up in the dojo

After greeting your ninja instructors in the practice hall upstairs, watch a video detailing the story behind the game. The infiltration of monsters into town requires the master and his ninjas to take action against them, and you, the chosen one, must join your allies in eliminating evil.

Shuriken throwing practice
Shuriken throwing practice

Then begins your training in the real and virtual world on how to hold the sword, use a magic chant, throw shuriken and also agility training to avoid hits from enemies.

Let the games begin

Finally, you are ready to meet the enemy. Stepping into the gaming room, your fellow ninjas will help you put on the VR gear and get ready for the one player fight. It's time to put your newly acquired skills to test.

Cheer on your fellow clan mates
Cheer on your fellow clan mates

In the test, fend off a horde of monsters by successfully applying the new ninja skills you’ve just learned, before meeting the big boss. Because of its VR nature, the game does get your blood pumping with the enemies swooping so seemingly close to you. Facing the big boss is even slightly terrifying as it feels so large and menacing – even stomping and swinging at you! Work up a sweat through all the intense action and anticipation.

A memorable keepsake

After winning the fight (hopefully), re-enter the dojo to catch a breath and snap some commemorative photos of your victory. You’ll then receive a customized scroll of participation with your photo on it, which comes with a QR code that you can scan to download your entire gameplay! Talk about the ultimate souvenir!

Scan the QR code on your scroll to download the video
Scan the QR code on your scroll to download the video

Have fun laughing at yourself with your friends, or perhaps if you’re suave enough a ninja, you’ll get some admiration instead.

Getting there

From Kanda Station, walk 3 minutes.

From Awajicho Station and Ogawamachi Station, walk 5 minutes.

From Shin-Ochanomizu Station, walk 10 minutes.

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