A Day at Yoyogi Park

Tokyo's answer to Central Park

By Jeremy Yap    - 1 min read

Constantly exposed to blaring noises from the train, people, buses, announcements and promoters can have a toll. In order to escape from all of these, I've decided to spend one entire day (a weekday) in Yoyogi Park (10am to 6pm) where its all tranquil and serene. Weekends in Yoyogi tend to be crowded, so what I was looking for was seeing what's there on a weekday. Turned out to be an adventure: sighting film stars, watching lovers cuddle, occasional games of frisbee and baseball being played. It's definitely a great way to see how locals relax and enjoy themselves, basically taking a breather. It's also radically different from the weekends whereby there are festivities, music and more Tokyoites picnicking. But if it's a breather you need, come on the weekdays and you'll definitely be recharged by the end of the day!

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Jeremy Yap

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