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Cosplay, or 'costume play', is a globally popular performance art that evolved from the otaku subculture born in Japan.

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Day 1 of the famed summer Comiket in Tokyo Big Sight. Cosplayers and the crowd.
Guidelines for participating in Comic Market, the biggest anime, manga and game subculture event, which happens twice a year in Tokyo.
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your favorite character roaming around Tokyo Dome City!
Witness Japanese teens dressing up as their favourite anime characters at an amusement park
The Fushigi-ichi matsuri held in front of Yokogawa station every April includes many festival-goers in elaborate cosplay costumes.
Sighted in an obscure room in Akita is a treasure trove of cosplay masks & Mizuki Ichiro posters.
Costuming representatives from twenty countries parade down a red carpet in a roped-off section of a main street in downtown Nagoya.