Cosplay and Manga Mania in Akita

Gundam, Kamen Rider and Mizuki Ichiro

By Bonson Lam    - 1 min read

Last sighted in an obscure, non-descript office building in downtown Akita, disguised under the moniker of the “Akita Design Hub” were a number of strange looking cosplay masks, the size of motorcycle helmets, fully autographed and in immaculate condition. Though far from the epicentre of the cosplay universe of Akihabara, this previously secret location is now revealed to Cosplay and Anime enthusiasts, those who are willing to scour the country looking for Kamen Rider heaven, or hell, depending what happens to your character. You might even encounter Mizuki Ichiro, the voice over behind many manga dramas, whose tough non nonsense tone brings life to theme songs including Robot Detective, Tekkaman and Kamen Rider X.

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