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Sand Dune Beach

One of many beaches on Tottori City's Japan Sea coast

Sand Dune Beach is one of the stretches of sand that Tottori is blessed with. It looks out on to the Japan Sea where an uninhabited island stands as a sentinel. There are no lifeguards but there are plenty of buoys to remind you to stay out of danger.

I came in on route 9 looking for a place to park. Although there is a set parking area for beach goers, I decided to continue down the road until I found a parking spot with quick access to the seaside. This is a place where people who just happen to be traveling can stop off and appreciate nature. Before I could even unload my van I saw two BMW touring bikes go by and a plethora of Japanese ones. This geo road seemed like the perfect place for bikers but it certainly was perfect for passers-by looking to cool off by the water.

Our decision to park away from the main area had us walk to the beach along a cement embankment complete with steps that lead to the sea. Beach access is free although locals have set up snack and shower businesses.

I kept checking my GPS as we set up the beach tent and the kids waded in the pool left by the retreating sea. What I was interested in on the GPS was that we were on the edge of Japan, that out there was Korea, Russia and China.

There was American pop music blasting from somewhere and I changed into my swimwear inside my beach tent. I slowly ventured toward the water and did my ritualistic slow walk followed by a dive into the depth. I was surprised that unlike the Seto Sea, which is obscured by dirt and sand, you could open your eyes and see the clear aquamarine sea. The water was also quite warm. I would have loved to have camped there but we settled for a barbeque and figured we’d make our way to a proper campsite later. Japan is surrounded by the sea, so if you have the time, Sand Dune Beach is a great place to take advantage of it.

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Tottori is one of my favorite places in Japan, and these views are just part of why!
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