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Akihabara Station

A less crowded option to get to Akihabara and still enjoy all of the benefits.

Tokyo Station

The photo story explores various aspects of the newly renovated Tokyo Station - from its traditional western architectural style to packs of busy commuters.

Osaki Station

Osaki Station is an up and coming hub for Tokyo’s redeveloping area that is increasingly surrounded by office buildings.

Kokura Station

Kitakyushu offers many tourist sites such as Kokura Castle and Kokura Castle Gardens. Begin your trip at JR Kokura Station.

Ichinoseki Station

Ichinoseki Station has local lines and shinkansen running through it on the hour. It also has large JR East coin lockers for storing bags, snacks and plenty of sitting space.

Osaka Station

Osaka Station is surely one of the biggest and busiest stations in Japan, supporting the interwoven railway network.