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I think the best way to do a one-day trip in Yokohama is to get a “Minato Burari Ticket” and use it for the Akai-kutsu bus. You can save both time and money.
JR Noborito Station is an important intersection of lines serving Kanagawa Prefecture and Southern Tokyo as well as the point of departure for several exceptional museums.
One of Japan's most charming rail lines, the Enoden line runs between Fujisawa, Enoshima and Kamakura, taking in streets, coastline and back gardens en route.
The JR Nambu line cuts across a little explored but deeply interesting swath of Southern Tokyo and Northern Kanagawa.
A mountain-climbing train in Hakone that transports passengers up & down the single track along the lush, steep terrain. Unique switchbacks. Foreigner friendly signage.
if you're all tuckered out and your dogs need a rest, I highly recommend hiring a Cyclopoitain cycle taxi, usually parked in the front of the Aka Renga shopping area
Getting around Hakone in a variety of fun and exciting ways.