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How to get around Okinawa's largest island Naha using public transport
There are two ferry services to Tokashiki Island. The larger Ferry Kerama takes 70 minutes, while the smaller but faster Marine Liner ferry takes about 35 minutes.
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Okinawa, or the Ryukyu Islands as they were known in earlier times, was the centre of maritime trade routes, from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia in the south, to mainland Japan and Korea in the north, and China to the west. While planes have now replaced ships as the travel mode of choice for most passengers, recent times have seen Okinawa experience a renaissance as a travel hub.
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Naha is the gateway to Japan's sub-tropical island paradise in Okinawa. Passengers on a Japan Airlines flight with JAL or oneworld elite status can now enjoy the new Sakura Lounge from 28 February 2017. The new lounge takes its cues from the new Haneda and Sapporo lounges, with a discreet Japanese aesthetic, but featuring Okinawan cultural touches.
Taking the ferry from Naha to Zamami in Japan's tropical island chain of Okinawa, you can enjoy views of the open ocean and of scores of beautiful islands and islets.
A rendezvous with the domestic air travel to and from Naha, Okinawa.