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Kumano River Boots Tour

From Hongu to Shingu on a river pilgrimage route

Ther is not just hiking and sweating in Kumano. The Kumano Kodo pilgrimage takes place mostly on land but there is a part of the journey that takes place on water. In the old days, after visiting the Hongu Grand Shrine, pilgrims made their way down the Kumano River to the Hayatama Grand Shrine in the nearby city of Shingu. Now this part of the route has been revived for tourists to experience the breathtaking nature of Kumano. The unbelievably blue tones of the water and a soft breeze make up for all the effort of walking for hours in the steep mountains of the Kii Mountain Range. The tour's starting point is in the Kumanogawa Kawabune Center where reservations can be made.

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