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What to Eat & Drink in Shingu City

Top picks for refreshment near a World Heritage site

Visitors to Shingu should make time to enjoy some of the city's best food offerings. In summer, cool off with some shaved ice at Nakakori-ten, a popular kakigori shop. Dine on tasty organic dishes at Tani-no-hana. Or, enjoy fresh maguro, caught locally and never frozen, at Tensui. Reserve a spot on the Kumanogawa boat ride for the afternoon and enjoy 'mom's home cooking' at a small shop near the starting point.

Later, take a break and drink a glass of mikan juice or a cup of fresh brewed coffee in the Kawahara Yokocho complex beside Kumano Hayatama Taisha. Savor a delicious Italian dinner near the station at Ricotta or Pizzeria Koma. And, be sure to take home sake from Ozaki Shuzo and some traditional Japanese sweets from Kobaido. If you are planning to stay overnight in town, have a late night drink or a tasty dessert plate at Dayzy Law, a friendly bar/restaurant in the city center. At the end of your visit, relax in front of the station at cafe Chou Chou while waiting for your train.

Stop by the tourism office at Shingu Station for more information on any of these locations.