Yamagata's Faces

Mountain prefecture with a smile on the face

By Tomoaki Sato    - 1 min read

Yamagata: do you know this place? Have a look at the map of Japan and try to find it on the Western coast of Honshu Island. If you don't seem to find it, then maybe this is because there are no big cities here. Yamagata truly is the Japanese countryside in every sense. It might be inconvenient for you to come here but please come to Yamagata when you want to be calm and relaxed. Peaceful people are waiting for you with a big smile! To those who love the countryside and who love nature: you are very welcome! Did you notice that the shape of Yamagata Prefecture from a side angle looks like a smiling face?

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Tomoaki Sato

Tomoaki Sato @tomoaki.sato

こんにちは!I was born in Mamurogawa town 真室川町,Yamagata prefecture 山形県.And I had lived here till graduation of high school.When I was junior college student,I worked as Jinrikisha 人力車 driver in Hida Takayama 飛騨高山,Gifu prefecture 岐阜県.Jinrikisha is Rickshaw. Hida Takayama is said as little Kyoto 京都.Becouse there are old houses,temples and streets. Furthermore it is surrounded by great nature,like Kita Alps 北アルプス.I have been interested in siteseeing by the experiences there.After graduation of college,I had been to Vancouver,Canada for travel for 3 months.Big city with many buildings,people from all over the world,big river,large plain,sea,mountain,islands...I felt it have everything in the world!I had stayed in native home and farmers home as WWOOFer.My English is poor,but I could lived happily by helps from everyone there!Now I am living in my home town Mamurogawa,I wish everyone know the town and Yamagata,and I wish you want to come here!ありがとう!