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Minakami Town in Gunma

Minakami in Gunma will make you fall in love with its snow covered mountains, its amazing scenery and its warm hearted residents. Here is a list of activities that I got to do that definitely helped me enjoy Japan’s greenery and culture even more.

Autumn Colors in Ozegahara

The best visit to Oze National Park can be made during the peak of autumn season, where you can enjoy the yellowish or brownish grass at Ozegahara Marshland, together with the colorful fall foliage of the surrounding mountains.

Sai No Kawara Park

Meaning the ‘riverbed of the west’, Sai No Kawara Park (西の河原公園) is often mistranslated as ‘riverbed of the underworld’

Minakami Kogen Ski Resort

Minakami Kogen Ski Resort is the ultimate winter get-away for anyone with an interest in snow-related activities. From skiing to snowmobiling, and even dog-sledding, there is something for everyone at this top quality location.