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Fukuroda Falls

Ibaraki’s famous Fukuroda Falls, one of the 3 most beautiful falls in Japan, is located near the northern city of Daigo, roughly 2 hours’ drive from the capital of Mito.

Mt. Tsukuba Area Geopark

In late 2016, the Tsukuba region of Ibaraki was awarded Geopark status, gaining recognition for its diverse geological landscapes and cultural heritage

Lake Senba, Mito

One of Mito’s landmark attractions is the beautiful Lake Senba, a part of the famous Kairakuen Park. Though it is a man-made lake, this has allowed the city to incorporate many attractive features that make it a mainstay of life for many residents, and there are several different facets to enjoy at any given time.

Kairakuen Park, Mito

Each garden has its own different set-up and selection of flora, but behind Kairakuen’s beauty lies a twist: beyond simply pleasing the eye, it was built for battle.

Itako Iris Festival

The Itako Iris Festival showcases fields of purple-hued irises and traditional wedding parties on the city's numerous canals every weekend during late May and June.