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Yakusugi Land, Yakushima

Yakusugi Land is a 'Natural Recreation Forest' on Yakushima, an island south of Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu, where you can explore a deeply atmospheric, untouched forest and find trees that are thousands of years old.

Searching for Ryoma 3: Kirishima

Ryoma Sakamoto Series 3: Mt. Kirishima and Kirishima Shrine are the places Ryoma Sakamoto visited with his wife. They are located in Kagoshima, and this trip was the first honeymoon ever made by Japanese couple in Japan's history!

Makurazaki Port

Makurazaki City is the southern-most tip of the Satsuma Hanto Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is the largest producer of katsuobushi.

Lake Ikeda

Lake Ikeda is a caldera lake formed from volcanic activity 6400 years ago. Legend has it that a monster named Isshii inhibits the lake.