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JR Akita Station

Linking Tokyo and the North Coast

JR Akita Station is the transportation hub to Northern Japan. From JR Akita Station, you can catch the Ou Main Line to Aomori and Odate City, Uetsu Main Line to Niigata, Oga Line to the beautiful Oga Peninsula and finally the Akita Shinkansen (Komachi or Super Komachi) to Tokyo.

Being such an important transportation hub, it isn´t surprising to find out that Akita Station is one of the more modern stations around the region and it even has its own shopping mall, just a short step out from the gantry gates. As such, if you forget to pack any food for your long train ride, hop over and get some snacks for the trip.

There´s even a mini model train museum for you to take pictures and understand more about the Super Komachi Akita Shinkansen bullet trains and the older trains that used to run on this line. It also depicts a short history of the East Japan Railway Company but they are all in Japanese. Nonetheless, if model trains is not something that you're into, you could even be a train driver for a day at the flip up train stand, but if you are above 10 years of age, people might give you a funny look.

What I like about the station are the navigation maps, especially the one that shows the car numbers for the Shinkansen trains. As such, I´m able to navigate my way to the car efficiently without having to walk from one end to the other to find my car.

Upon leaving the station, you will come across a model of the famous Akita Kanto Festival and just right behind it, there´s the tourism office. Drop by to get a map of Akita City or ask any questions that you need solving regarding Akita City itself. Small, medium and large coin lockers are also conveniently located at Akita Station and on the passageway to the Bus terminal and the Metropolitan Hotel on the west side of the station.

You will also get to see two heads of the Namahage Demon sticking out near the entrance so if you are bringing kids with you, don´t forget to scare them!

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