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Dogo Onsen Honkan

Dogo Onsen is said to be the model for the bathhouse in the animation “Spirited Away”. It’s the oldest hot spring in Japan, with a history going back over 3,000 years

Dogo Onsen

A visit to one of Japan's oldest hot springs, relax and ponder the lives of bathers throughout history at one of the inspirations for anime film Spirited Away

Jungle Onsen

Jungle Onsen is a gimmicky but popular hot spring bath in Okudogo. It’s located in a giant greenhouse of tropical plants.

Imabari Yunoura Heights Onsen

This onsen is the public bathing area of the Imabari Yunoura Heights hotel, located just outside the town of Imabari on a hill above the seaside where hot springs rise. Visitors are treated to a very fine view from the big plate-glass windows that form one wall of the baths. Yunoura overlooks the Seto Inland Sea with its beaches of orangey-yellow sand backed by pine trees.

Oyabu Onsen

Experience old Japan at Oyabu Onsen ryokan. Built in the Taisho period, the ryokan is a picturesque building of great charm and atmosphere.

Sora to Mori Onsen

Sora to Mori in the southern part of Matsuyama is a new sort of onsen. It’s a cross between a boutique hotel in Bali, and an old-style leisure facility for the masses.

Yu no Tani Onsen

One of the richest springs that can be found in Shikoku. In the foothills of the Ishizuchi Mountain Range stands Yu no Tani Onsen. The waters are exquisite.