Dream Dairy Farm in Narita

Friendly animals and fresh dairy produce in a vast yard

 By Keigetsu Watanabe   Feb 12, 2017

A ranch, “Narita Dream Dairy Farm”, is located in Narita City in Chiba prefecture. It includes a vast area of about 300 thousand square meters.

It’s a very peaceful place with extensive yards and clean air. It can be nice for a change. Not only can you try tasty fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, cakes and a variety of dairy produce, visitors can also enjoy looking at a lot of cheerful friendly (but sometimes in a bad mood) sheep, goats and ponies. We can also play with small animals in the yard. 

The ranch has a history of around 130 years, according to its introduction. It takes only around an hour and a half to get there by car from the heart of Tokyo via the expressway.

Photography by Keigetsu Watanabe
Japan Travel Member

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