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I recommend Akita to those who had been to Japan a few times and are trying to seek for a deeper Japan experience in their next journey. In Akita, you can enjoy hot springs, join the festivals, learn the local culture and appreciate its natural beauty. I am sure you will have a memorable and unforgettable journey here.
One of Japan's most masculine driven festivals. Held in Okayama Cities Saidaiji Kannon-in Temples and in 2012 celebrated its 500 year anniversary. Be brave or go home.
Ueno Park is located in central Tokyo and is home to 1,200 cherry trees that will flourish with pink magical flowers. The 133-acre park receives approximately 2 million visitors each year to experience “Hanami” or cherry blossom viewing while picnicking directly beneath a tree. Just minutes from JR Ueno Station, entrance to the park is free.
A perfect day outside Tokyo at Hitachi Seaside Park, a seaside park with gardens and an amusement park. It is a great place to see the fall colors.
1000 Kawazu-zakura cherry trees near Miura-kaigan Station begin to bloom in late January to early February and last for a month.
On May 5th, cities and villages throughout hold koinobori (carp-streamers) festivals in celebration of Children’s Day, a day to wish all children happy health. If you’re in the Osaka area, or even Kyoto, and you’re keen to join in on the family fun, Takatsuki hosts a koinobori festa from April 25 - May 5.
Nara Deer Antler-Cutting Ceremony, a Nara Style Rodeo for Safety
Great fun! The Yokohama Parade, Yamashita Park, and vicinity during Golden Week!