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Zama's Sunflower Festival in July & August boasts 550,000 blooms. Flowers, music & a range of Sunflower products.
Okayama Symphony Hall is a world class performance venue that regularly hosts the best of local and international talent.
Starting back in 1987 on a department store stage, the festival soon moved outdoors into the streets. Recently the growing festivities have included the entire city
The Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto starts in late March, and from March 29 to April 14 you can experience its fleeting beauty in many of Kyoto’s parks, temple and castle gardens. Called hanami in Japanese, locals and tourists alike take this time to celebrate spring with a picnic underneath a full bloom of cherry trees. Whether you are eating, drinking, dancing or relaxing, look up and see a sea of flowers above you. At night, many places are lit up, with the blossoms taking on a magical glow. Here are Kyoto’s magnificent seven after dark.
Japan's legendary entertainers annually showcase traditional performing arts at the Shinbashi Enbujo theater.
Saint Maria Osaka Cathedral: Christianity’s history and driving forces in Japan
'Faint★Star presents Tokyo Sound Collection vol.10 × YMCK' will take place this Saturday, June 4th.
A museum showcasing all of Masao Koga's musical achievements in his lifetime.