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We still don't know who constructed Nakijin, though the excavations show that it was started in the 13th century. The fact that it took over a hundred years to complete meant that the generation who started it did not see it finished, but it was of such monumental importance that the next generations took over the construction as their life work.
Located in the rural north side of the beautiful island of Okinawa is the village of Ogimi. Often sought after by foreigners and TV documentary crews to learn the secrets of long life, it is world famous for the amount of centenarians that live there.
Katsuren Castle Ruins in Uruma City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Point of control of Katsuren Peninsula and surroundings until the Shuri King removed its rebel lord.
Every zoo in Japan is unique is some way. Okinawa Zoo and Museum is no different as it is the southernmost zoo in all of Japan and the only zoo in the prefecture.
The Shikinaen Royal Garden was the largest secondary residence of the Ryukyu Royal Family and used to entertain family members and foreign dignitaries
Built in 1501 by King Sho Shin as a new resting place for his father King Sho En, Tamaudun is the Royal Mausoleum of the Second Sho Dynasty.
Bilingual job staffing agencies employ thousands on American bases in Okinawa
Cape Zanpa in Yomitan Village is the first of many spectacular capes that dot the eastern coastline once exiting the heavily populated southern portion of Okinawa