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Ogimi Village

Located in the rural north side of the beautiful island of Okinawa is the village of Ogimi. Often sought after by foreigners and TV documentary crews to learn the secrets of long life, it is world famous for the amount of centenarians that live there.

Okinawa Zoo

Every zoo in Japan is unique is some way. Okinawa Zoo and Museum is no different as it is the southernmost zoo in all of Japan and the only zoo in the prefecture.

Shuri-jo Castle

A blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures, Shuri-jo castle was the seat of Ryukyuan royalty before the Okinawan islands became part of Japan, and is both striking and distinct.

Katsuren Castle Ruins

Katsuren Castle Ruins in Uruma City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Point of control of Katsuren Peninsula and surroundings until the Shuri King removed its rebel lord.