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Everest Food

Nepalese Indian curry in Matsuyama

After a few early beers in town, my friend suggested that an Indian curry would be a good follow up. Matsuyama has a wide selection of curry houses, all of which boast ‘real Indian chefs’, and so a debate ensued as to which of the many to visit. My companion clinched the issue by noting that among residents of Matsuyama from the subcontinent, the Nepalese-Indian restaurant called Everest has a reputation for the best Indian food. This seemed like a sound criteria and valid recommendation, so we made our way through the Gintengai Arcade in search of Everest.

Everest was rather hard to find being on the second floor with just a small sign and doorway in the arcade itself. We actually walked straight past it. It’s on the second block of the arcade on the right, before the first crossing as you head from the direction of the Okaido tram station. Doubling back, we soon found it, aided by an excellent aroma of curry that grew stronger as we approached. At the top of the brightly lit stairs we found a narrow but very clean and airy shop, and were cordially invited to sit where we liked. We chose the table next to the window overlooking the arcade, and had a pleasant time watching the passers-by below.

The menu is all in Japanese, but with helpful color photos. We chose the tandoori chicken starter, a chicken sag (spinach curry) and the mixed vegetable curry, with a nan bread each. The food arrived quickly, and I was delighted to see the generous size of the nan bread which was flopping invitingly over the large wicker basket in which it was presented. We had opted conservatively for the three-chili spiciness level for the curries, and we found them mild but slightly piquant. My companion reproached me for resisting the five-chili option, but he seemed to be sweating enough with what we had, so I felt justified. The curry itself was excellent – creamy and fragrant as it should be, with tender, bite-sized pieces of chicken and vegetable. The tandoori chicken was tasty and satisfying too.

When it came time to pay the bill – just over 2,500 yen for two – the chef himself came out in a very crisp, white outfit, and asked us in English if we had enjoyed our meal. We declared ourselves entirely satisfied.

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Anonymous 7 years ago
Bronwyn O'Neill 7 years ago
Everest has truly delicious Nepalese food, and is definitely one of the most budget and belly-friendly restaurants in Matsuyama. Any one or more of the following menu items are highly recomended: Mutton curry, paneer curry, chicken tikka, mango lassi, and their decadent garlic cheese naan breads.

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