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Imabari Ferry Terminal

Ferries to the islands of the Inland Sea

Imabari is a major shipbuilding city on the Seto Inland Sea, and it has significant port facilities. One of the sights of Imabari is the big ship’s propeller in the port. Despite this, none of the big passenger ships that ply the Seto Inland Sea actually dock here, convenient though it would be if they did. The ferry terminal at Imabari is actually more of a bus terminal, which happens to have ferries serving the cluster of islands between Imabari and Hiroshima. The big ships from Osaka and Kobe to Ehime actually dock at Toyoko Ferry Terminal in Saijo and at Niihama Higashiko Ferry Center.

If you want to see the islands of the Shimanami Kaido without going by road, the port of Imabari has a variety of services to meet your needs.

This is an overview of the services that operate from Imabari

  • To Habu port on Innoshima (土生行き), fast boat, Geiyo Kanko Ferry (089) 832-6712
    6:25 to 18:30, 9 / day, 70 min, 1,700 yen, stops at Tomoura, Kinoura and so on.
  • To Shitadami port on Oshima (下田水行き), fast boat, Kyowa Kisen (089) 822-6825
    6:45 to 21:30 (16 / day), 15 min, 400 yen
  • Miyaura port on Omishima (宮浦行き), fast boat, Omishima Blue Line (089) 832-6713
    8:00, 13:00, 16:50, 3 /day, 1 hour, 910 yen, stops at Munakata and so on.
  • Miyaura port on Omishima (宮浦行き), ferry, Omishima Blue Line (089) 832-6713
    6:30, 11:00, 14:10, 17:35, 4 / day, 90 min, 850 yen, stops at Munakata and so on.
  • Okamura port on Okamurajima (岡村行き), ferry, Imabarishi Sekizen Shisho (089) 832-0531
    8:25, 17:25, 3 / day, 85 min, 760 yen
  • Okamura port on Okamurajima (岡村行き), fast boat, Imabarishi Sekizen Shisho (089) 832-0531
    7:36, 18:19, 2 / day, 45 min, 760 yen

The facilities at Imabari Ferry Terminal are simple, with little more than toilets, waiting rooms, a souvenir shop, and a kiosk selling snacks. The centre of Imabari, including the castle, is within walking distance of the terminal.

Name in Japanese
今治フェリーターミナル — imabari ferii taminaru — Imabari Ferry Terminal

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