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Tasting Tsugaru

The roads that wind through the lush landscape of the Tsugaru Plain in Aomori Prefecture are lined with rice paddies and orderly groves of fruit trees. Once a sparsely inhabited marshland, the region was transformed into an agricultural center by land reclamation projects during the Tokugawa Period (1603 - 1868).

Zen Izakaya in Mutsu

In Mutsu in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Zen is a lively, friendly izakaya (dining bar), serving fresh and tasty food at reasonable prices.

Anzu Izakaya in Hirosaki

In the centre of Hirosaki in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Anzu is an atmospheric old izakaya where you can listen to traditional local music while enjoying tasty regional food and drink.

Lemon Cafe, Hirosaki

In Hirosaki in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Lemon Cafe is a great place to relax over a slice of cake or light meal, with a peaceful atmosphere and inexpensive drinks, sweets and dishes.