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Chowing down on gyozas and cheap beer at Chao Chao Gyoza
551 Horai serves comfort food and whose signature dishes include the butaman pork bun and other Chinese inspired specialities in the heart of Kansai, Japan.
Kyoto is famous for a lot of things. But when it comes to food, Issen Yoshoku is one recommended dish that you should not miss.
The humble egg finds its home in this dependable cafe high above the ticket sellers in the glass catherdral that is JR Kyoto Station
Foods Choices in Arashiyama. Serene eating encounters with eel or energy of the masses
A cross between Starbucks and Burger King, It is a perfect Day at Mos Burger as Vegetarians and Meat lovers unite with a menu that keeps both parties happy, blending Japanese comfort, hospitality and chic with local ingredients and the love of burgers.
Ramen is definitely one of my must have dishes in Japan. I love noodles and how the Japanese use their many years of experience and knowhow to create so many variations.
Nishiki Market is the best place to buy a wide range of traditional Japanese food in Kyoto. It's a centuries-old food emporium easily accessible in the city center.