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551 Horai at Kyoto Station

551 Horai serves comfort food and whose signature dishes include the butaman pork bun and other Chinese inspired specialities in the heart of Kansai, Japan.

Kyoto Gion: Japanese Beef Mikaku

Gion Beef MIKAKU on Shirakawa street, Kyoto: Only select female Japanese authentic beef is served. Beef is cut/sliced not by slicers but cleavers only. The restaurant has great, romantic atmosphere overlooking Shirakawa River in Gion district, Kyoto.

Kyoto's Grand Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is the best place to buy a wide range of traditional Japanese food in Kyoto. It's a centuries-old food emporium easily accessible in the city center.

Nishiki by the Katsura River

Nishiki is a fine restaurant on the Katsura River in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto. It is a fine place to enjoy Kawadoko Ryori in a traditional Japanese setting.