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Sanpoutei in Koide

A gluttonous friend recently revealed to me that he makes a stop on his way back to his hometown, pulling off the expressway in the process, at a ramen restaurant in Koide. His

Ikinari-ya, Niigata

Ikinari-ya is a 300+ year old Japanese high-class, traditional restaurant. The restaurant opened in the mid-Edo era, when stylish Edo culture was popular all over Japan.

Mitsumata Road Station

Mitsumata Road Station is a new michi-no-eki on Route 17 just outside Yuzawa. It is a showcase for local produce and cuisine as well as a reliable source of information on the area.

Gastro-Tourism in Snow Country

Learn about Snow Country food culture as a local guide takes you foraging for mushrooms in the forests and mountains of Yuzawa. A private chef turns your finds into an amazing Japanese banquet paired with local wines and sake.