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Echigo Winery Grape Festival

The Echigo Winery is situated in the heart of Niigata's snow country, and holds an annual Grape Festival where you can enjoy beverages, grape picking and entertainment in a family friendly setting.

Yairo Watermelon Festival

Wild about watermelon? The Yairo Watermelon Festival in Niigata offers all you can eat watermelon for the bargain price of 500 yen. The Yairo watermelon variety is said to be sweeter and juicier than other watermelon on the market in Japan!

Sanpoutei in Koide

A gluttonous friend recently revealed to me that he makes a stop on his way back to his hometown, pulling off the expressway in the process, at a ramen restaurant in Koide. His

Little M

Little M is a new addition to the Niigata coffee scene. They have a range of different brews on offer, as well as baked goods and ice bars.

Ikinari-ya, Niigata

Ikinari-ya is a 300+ year old Japanese high-class, traditional restaurant. The restaurant opened in the mid-Edo era, when stylish Edo culture was popular all over Japan.

Mitsumata Road Station

Mitsumata Road Station is a new michi-no-eki on Route 17 just outside Yuzawa. It is a showcase for local produce and cuisine as well as a reliable source of information on the area.