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At the Ponshukan in Yuzawa, you can wait for your train while drinking vending-machine sake and bathing in an onsen where the hotspring water is enriched with sake.
Learn about Snow Country food culture as a local guide takes you foraging for mushrooms in the forests and mountains of Yuzawa. A private chef turns your finds into an amazing Japanese banquet paired with local wines and sake.
A gluttonous friend recently revealed to me that he makes a stop on his way back to his hometown, pulling off the expressway in the process, at a ramen restaurant in Koide. His
Huge sports bar, restaurant and event space on the road out of Yuzawa that fills a hole in the nightlife of the town. Food, drinks and games for apres-ski party people.
Adore Restaurant on the second floor of the Muikamachi Aeon serves delicious Sri Lankan and Indian curries.
Arco Iris is the latest modern Mexican cuisine addition to Niigata and is the only place this author knows of to get an authentic frozen margarita in Japan.
A tour in the heart of the Snow Country. Sushi and chawanmushi making followed by a sake brewery visit. Of course, we taste everything!
A restaurant in Echigo Yuzawa Station that serves dishes starring local ingredients and rice prepared in traditional ways. The lunch buffet is simple but stunning.