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The Goya Champaru lunch set was a bargain at 650 yen. The spam had me licking my lips afterwards with its caramelized bacon like flavor. It had an ideal counterpoint with the crunch of the lightly stir fried bean sprouts and carrots, while the Goya bitter melon was not too bitter, partly because it was so thinly sliced, combined with the creaminess of the scrambled egg as well as slices of super soft and tasty tofu.
Bikkuri Donkey serves premium hamburger steak meals out of a dilapidated looking shack in Chatan, Okinawa
A+W is no longer a part of the Yum! Brands (KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell) empire but thrives in Okinawa nontheless
Like other dead American franchises such as Shakey's and A&W, Mister Donut thrives in Japan
Blue Seal Ice Cream's Big Dip Chatan: Okinawan Ice Cream Near Mihama American Village
Seaside Ristorante: Seafood, Pizza, Pasta and Steak at Kadena Marina, Okinawa
Stop at Makishi Public Market to soak up Naha's traditional market vibes and have some fresh Okinawan cuisine
New to residents living in the Chatan area is the recently opened organic store, Green Leaf