Cheapest Ways from Tokyo to Sapporo

Comparing alternative methods of transport

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A frequently asked question is "Which are the best and cheapest ways to get from Tokyo to Sapporo?“ To start with, there are lots of possibilities but not all of them are very reasonable to use. So here is some advice:

By Air

Of course the fastest way is by plane. From Tokyo (usually Haneda) to Sapporo Chitose (CTS) it takes about one and a half hours. The most common airlines for this route are ANA and JAL. But also Skymark and Air Do offer flights on a daily basis. Flights start about every half hour all from 06:00–22:35. Furthermore from 2012 the low-cost carrier, Jetstar Japan, has been flying domestically from Narita which has ensured low prices. Another thing to mention is if you book a flight online with Skymark at least 28 days before departure you can get a Web Bargain price of less than 6,000 yen. But, all in all, going by plane as usual is pretty expensive. Especially internal Japan flights are around 34,000 yen one way. Foreign travelers on the other hand, can utilise the Japan Explorer Pass for just 10,800 yen, a saving of over 50%.

By Ferry

There are ferries operating twice a day, one in the evening and another at night. It takes about 19 hours from Tokyo to Sapporo and costs around 10,000 yen one way during the main season. Please note that the ferry company has divided the year into 3 different periods which affect the price. Period A, which is the cheapest season is from September until March. For detailed information on this please see the MOL Ferry website. There are several cabin styles available such as Western and Japanese style cabins. Based on my experience, this is one of the best ways to get to Sapporo and it is quiet cheap compared to other transportation methods. I recommend this to every traveler searching for transportation to Sapporo at a reasonable price if he/she can be patient. A ferry ride is a very relaxing way to travel and there are great opportunities to use the onsen.

By Train

There are also many possibilities to go by train. One of the best websites to check train timetables and information is “”. Combined with the JR Pass which applies to various kinds of trains it is a very comfortable way to move and costs around 28,300 yen for a 7 days availability. To go by train from Tokyo to Sapporo it takes about 10 hours with a few transfers within. There are both day and night trains available. But note that in case of you have a Japan Rail Pass and you choose night trains you will have to pay at least 14,500 yen extra to your pass. Moreover a direct sleeper is available and takes around 16 hours.

By Car

These two means of transport are the best and most common alternatives to going by plane. Of course another possibility is to rent a car. But this would be a completely different way of traveling and you have to be prepared to do this all on your own such as the driving and navigation even though almost all rental cars have got an integrated navigation system. Requirements to rent a car are an international driver’s license. Either you can rent a car via internet or in Japan at the airport for example. A credit card is not needed as you pay at the time you pick up the car. Even though driving in Japan is very comfortable and other drivers are very cautious I do not recommend this type of trip from Tokyo to Sapporo unless you are a group of people who can share the costs in order to pay for the gas and ferry between Honshu and Hokkaido.

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Scott Walker

Scott Walker @scott.walker

I come from Sydney, Australia and first came to Japan in April 1994, on a Working Holiday visa. Before coming to Japan, I was not really interested in the country due mainly to the lack of information about the country, other than the cars and electrical goods it produces and exports all over the world.It was the last country I could get a Working Holiday visa before I turned 30.Before Japan, I spent two years working in Europe teaching Skiing in Austria, and worked as a Beach Lifeguard in Cornwall UK and a waiter in Canada.I think as I had no desire to come to Japan, I am a good person to recommend Japan as a destination, as I understand what people are worried about when visiting the country, such as a lack of information in English. That is what this project at JapanTourist is for, and this is a good way to help people be informed of the type of travelling you can expect, and to make the most of the land of the rising sun, especially in Hokkaido, the “Wilderness of Japan.”.

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