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Crepe de Girafe in Sapporo

A French food truck with a loyal following

I never thought that crepes were so popular in Japan. It seems that Japanese people like sweets and have an affinity for European food. One of them is a French dish called crepes, with a very popular shop called Crepe de Girafe or Giraffe Crepe near Sapporo Station.

I found this crepe shop when I was walking from Sapporo Station to Odori Park. It can be said that this crepe shop location is very strategic because it is at a crossroads. Giraffe Crepe is a food truck. There are only a few chairs for waiting and the owner provides hand sanitizer for free. So you can eat right in this place without worrying about your dirty hands.

Giraffe Crepe has a good menu selection. There are two kinds of crepe, sweet and savory. The price is quite customer-friendly, starting from ¥390. They stick their menus on their truck as well as the pillar near where they park. Even though the menu is only written in Japanese, they also tempt you with their picture menu. Just point to the number shown next to the crepes you want to buy.

While waiting in line, I made a choice. I chose a crepe with butter, cream, maple syrup, and cinnamon sprinkle. After I ordered and paid, they give me a queue number. And then we just have to wait while they make the crepe to order.

About 10 minutes later, they call my queue number and present a delicious crepe to tease my stomach. The size just fits my hand and in my opinion, it is enough to fill my hungry stomach. Don't ask me about the taste because I will definitely say it is delicious. I can't hide my desire for sweets. The crepe is very thin and crunchy, filled with soft cream that is not too sweet. Add to that the sweetness of maple syrup that feels comfortable on my throat. The butter made the taste even tastier and don't miss the cinnamon sprinkle which made this crepe perfect.

If you are waiting for your friend around Sapporo Station and need a light snack, Giraffe Crepe could be your place of choice. Besides its unforgettable taste, the price is quite affordable. Giraffe Crepe is open from 12 pm to 10 pm. If I go back to Sapporo, of course, I will stop at this food truck. What should I try next time?

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Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
Japan really needs more food trucks!!
Febry Fawzi Author 8 years ago
Even by seeing this crepe photo again, I am craving for more Giraffe Crepes.

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