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Cruise ship port city in south Hokkaido

About Hakodate
Hakodate (Photo: Evening view of Hakodate city from Mount Hakodate – User:Satellizer / CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Star Illumination of Goryokaku

Star Illumination of Goryokaku

Dec 1st - Feb 29th

Hakodate lights up the winter nights with a special three-month illumination at the Goryokaku star-shaped fortress.


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Hakodate Fish Market

Hakodate Fish Market

Bonson Lam

If the thought of eating a still alive squid will make you squirm, there are other alternatives to get close to the freshest seafood..


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Hakodate Delights

Hakodate Delights

Rey Waters

A four day itinerary touring Hakodate and its surrounding area, dining on local fish and visiting top attractions.


About Hakodate

Hakodate is a harbour city in southern Hokkaido full of Western influences and a dazzling mountaintop view overlooking the city.

Hakodate Airport is the first touchdown spot for many visitors to Hokkaido. The airport is a great place for people who are hoping to see more of the surrounding areas of the city. Located less than eight kilometers from Hakodate Station, the city’s center, Hakodate Airport provides easy access to public transportation and is in close proximity to many famous sightseeing spots. There are plenty of sights to look forward to on your adventure in Hakodate.

Visit Goryokaku, the symbolic star-shaped fortress was built to protect the strategic Tsugaru Straight against any possible Russian invasion. In 1869, for an entire week, the fortress also became the site of the famous final battle of the Boshin War. While history buffs may love to visit for its historical importance, others can enjoy a spring-time viewing of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

For nature lovers and those looking for a wilder excursion, be sure to visit Mount Hakodate. Renowned for the views of the surrounding bay and Hakodate City, the mountain is accessible by hiking or even bicycle; and for those who don’t want to make the climb, there is also a cable car service available.

Further from Hakodate, visit Onuma in Mori Town, for fresh scallops and beautiful mountain vistas. It's also worth heading to Fukushima-cho, Hokkaido, which is home to a booming squid industry and the Edo-period castle in Matsumae City.

Hakodate is sure to impress no matter what you’re looking for. And Hakodate Airport is your gateway to a wealth of new experiences. Once you’ve finished exploring, return to the airport via the shuttle bus system or other bus lines. Thanks to its close proximity to the city center, you can even take a taxi without worrying about breaking the bank. 

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