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Farm to Table Terra Restaurant

Fresh, flavor, and finesse

For those who know Sapporo, it is understandably a food lovers' mecca. There are no shortages of choices for locals and tourists to feast on the finest that Hokkaido has to offer. Allow me to tell you about a recent discovery that merits special attention at the newly opened Farm to Table TERRA Restaurant within Hotel Mystays Premier Sapporo Park.

The name, Farm to Table TERRA, just about says it all as Terra is the Latin word for soil/land. The restaurant's chef went looking for the best and most unique selection of vegetables from Hokkaido. When he was touring the beautiful country around Niseko, he stumbled upon the Niseko Green Farm. The farm is owned and operated by Mr. Dennis Van Den Brink who has been organically farming in Niseko for over 5 years where he and his vegetables have gained a great reputation. Having eaten his array of vegetables myself I can certainly understand why. The freshness and variety of the vegetables are amazing

The menu of Farm to Table TERRA clearly outlines the vision of the restaurant. The whole concept is pretty simple; use the best available ingredients and really let them shine. Most places start with the proteins and build the menu from there, but not here! The vegetables are the highlight and rightly so. For vegans, vegetarians, and healthy eaters this place is as close to heaven as your going to find. The dinner menu, like lunch, is in both English and Japanese and very simple to follow. Appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts each have many varieties based on the season. The mains are sub-divided into meats, seafood, and pasta.

The colorful ingredients are a feast for the eyes, with Capsicums (peppers) of all colors, intense beets, red, orange, and yellow carrots, and cherry tomatoes, while the leaf varieties come in various shades of intense green. The colors on the fresh corn shine and really delivers on flavor. Where possible Terra has used local Hokkaido ingredients for all items throughout the menu.

Lunch selection

Lunch in Japan is typically a fantastic value and TERRA is no exception with meals less than ¥1000. When I arrived, there were 6 choices including curry, spaghetti, low-fat chicken sausage, cod, spicy chicken burger with fresh vegetables, and the soy meat and vegetable burger. If that is not enough there are an additional 4 choices for a slightly higher cost. All of the main courses come with a buffet of fresh garden vegetables. I chose the fresh vegetables and spicy chicken burger which was the perfect size for a good lunch. On the buffet side, there were a plethora of options including garden vegetables, salad accouterments, potato salads, and more. Everything is excellent and even the simple potato salad was one of the most memorable foods.

Dinner selection

The Dinner menu has many more choices than lunch. In addition to many of the same entrees from the lunch menu, there are a plethora of dinner entrees divided by meat, seafood, and pasta dishes. The menu starts with the choice of salads, soups, entrees, and on to Main courses. For the entree, I had "The gift of Nature Terra Salad with Dennis's semi-dried vinaigrette." The entree was both incredibly presented delicious! I also enjoyed the grilled Venison with Hokkaido berries sauce on another visit. This was a match made in heaven with the gamey meat paired with a sweet intense sauce found only in Hokkaido. Nothing on the dinner menu is over ¥3000 with many entrees much lower so this is again a superb value.

Also worth mentioning is the atmosphere of the restaurant. The interior matches the organic theme filled with vegetation and trees growing naturally throughout the restaurant. There are fountains and streams as well creating a serene atmosphere with the soft sounds of running water. The spacing between tables is quite comfortable and the interior is finely decorated in a very western style. Soft music plays in the background and efficient and friendly staff look after everything with perfection.

I love a restaurant that has a clear theme and delivers in every aspect. A great name, welcoming staff, relaxed atmosphere, and food that takes you on a journey through Hokkaido. All that without breaking the bank makes Farm to Table TERRA at Hotel Mystays Premier Sapporo Park the perfect destination for an amazing meal.

Getting there

Farm to Table TERRA Restaurant is a short walk from the Nakajima Subway Station (exit 2).

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