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Goya Specialty Soup Curry

Delicious and nutritious soup curry in Kagoshima city

Walking through the streets of Tenmonkan shopping district, you find yourself surprised with the delicious aroma of soup and spices. You look around in confusion at first, seeing only a bookstore and a cosmetics shop beside you. Then you see it. The bright yellow flag beside the door proudly proclaims "open for business!" A bowl of meat and vegetables on the sign above peeks out from behind the words: soup curry specialty shop. Yes, you have just discovered authentic Hokkaido soup curry right in the heart of Kagoshima city.  

The owner of Goya ventured all the way to Hokkaido to learn the true secrets behind this comforting dish. This Kagoshima-based franchise makes its soup curry from scratch by using over 20 different spices, without the addition of any curry powder. My personal favourites are the Yawaraka Chicken Yasai (tender chicken with vegetables) and the Yawaraka Kurobuta Yasai (tender Berkshire pork with vegetables). The spice level ranges from 0 to 100, but don't let that fool you into ordering level 50 if you're looking for some moderate heat. The spice level increases exponentially: level 3 is a regular spice level, levels 6 to 10 are for those people used to eating spicy foods, levels 11 to 30 are for those with an extra love for spiciness, and anything above 30 promises a "sixth sense" experience. If you dare to challenge level 100 and over, there is a possibility that you may faint from the heat! 

The soup curry items come with a plate of rice and a slice of lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice over the rice for a refreshing tang to your carbohydrates. The Chicken Yasai comes with a chicken leg, carrot, green pepper, green beans, turnip leaves, pumpkin, eggplant, broccoli, and potato. You can also add toppings such as vegetables, extra meat, or cheese to your curry. I recommend adding broccoli as it is the best for really soaking in the different dimensions of flavor in the soup! If there are any vegetables you do not like, you may substitute it for another when you order. The chicken meat easily slides off the bone and the Berkshire pork slices are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The vegetables are cooked to perfection, taking in the spices without losing their texture and individual flavors. The slices are generous and you may find yourself becoming quite full from the large cuts of potato hiding at the bottom. 

Goya's soup curry is the best thing to eat on a cold or rainy day. You have your protein, carbohydrates, and daily vegetables all wrapped up into one hearty meal. Give this different version of the famous Kagoshima kurobuta, Berkshire pork, a try when you are in Tenmonkan! Your taste buds will thank you, unless they become completely numb from spice level 30 or up. You have been warned! 

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Kim 4 years ago
Love a good soup curry! Definitely comfort food in a bowl.

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