This is Japan's largest rose garden (Photo: Public Domain)
This is Japan's largest rose garden (Photo: Public Domain)
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Kanoya Rose Garden

Japan's largest garden dedicated to roses

The Kanoya Rose Garden in Kagoshima was opened back in April of 1986, and the venue lays claim to being Japan's largest rose garden. There are approximately 50,000 rose bushes (in 1500 different varieties!) covering an area of 8 hectares, ensuring there is plenty of floral beauty to appreciate.

If you get hungry after strolling around and enjoying the blooms, the garden has an on-site cafe which serves up some unique dishes. One of the most popular menu items is the rose curry which has a pinkish hue, and there is also rose-scented soft serve ice cream if you're more of a sweet tooth. You'll even find rose bushes for sale if you're a green thumb and want to try nurturing your own flowers at home.

Typically, the best time to enjoy the roses at their peak is from late April through the first two weeks of May. Like any flower event these dates can be subject to some fluctuation, so it's recommended to check the official garden website before your visit to confirm. Outside the rose season there are a variety of other flowers to enjoy at the garden, including poppies, tulips, hydrangeas, and sunflowers to name just a handful.

Adult admission to the garden during the peak rose blooming season is priced at 630 yen, and children's admission is 110 yen. Do note that there are some hilly sections and stairs throughout the garden, so using strollers can be difficult.

Getting there

The Kanoya Rose Garden is located around a 40 minute drive from Tarumizu Port, or around 60 minutes drive from Sakurajima Port. Plenty of parking is available at the venue.

For those who are visiting via public transport, there is a bus service that runs direct to Kanoya from Kagoshima Station, with the journey taking around 2 hours.

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