Back to Nature in Kanagawa Prefecture

Mt. Azuma, Mt. Kobo, Mt. Gongen

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Let’s get some fresh air.

Do you want a nice relaxing hike just a few hours from Tokyo? There is an easy to moderate hike from Mt Azuma to Mt. Kobo to Mt. Gongen. This 11-kilometer trail is filled with excellent scenery and many surprises along the way.

Take the Odaku line to Tsurumaki-onsen station and walk just beyond Tsurumaki Onsen to begin your adventure. Yes, to start the hike you will climb lots of steps, but once you are on the trial it is quite easy. Each mountain has excellent trails with restrooms and plenty of view spots. Mt Azuma is only 130 meters or 426 feet high. We took this hike in May, however every season provides colorful views of floral and Mt. Fuji. Almost all of the Mt Azuma trail is wooded and even if there are others on the trial you get a feeling of being alone with nature.

Steps up to the trail at Mt. Azuma
Steps up to the trail at Mt. Azuma

After hiking about forty five minutes you will come upon a small shrine - Koboyama Shakado and just over the next hill, a viewing platform for Mt. Fuji. It is amazing how many places you can go throughout Kanagawa Prefecture for a spectacular view of Mount Fuji. There are literally hundreds of spots, including my own patio at home. The Mt. Gongen observation platform view is very clear and unobstructed.

Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji

There are statues and stone monuments all along the trails. Mt. Kobo is 235 Meters or 771 feet and Mt. Sengen 243.5 meters or 799 feet. Nothing is above moderate hiking, which is great for a family-day outing. Koboyama Park was selected as one of the 50 best regions for flowers in Kanagawa Prefecture and is perfect for a visit during cherry blossom season.

 Live in the forest
Live in the forest

Once you descend Mt. Gongen, it is about fifteen minutes to Hadano Station for you trip back to Tokyo. If you are not in hurry, the town of Hadano has several attractions including hot springs, festivals, and lots of good local food/beverages. Peanuts are an area specialty, as well as buckwheat soba. There many types of local sweets including Sakura Pudding. Sake is brewed here as well as green tea from mountain tea fields.

Hadano Clock Tower
Hadano Clock Tower

This area provides a great full day trip and is only a few hours from Tokyo. During 2022 I have set a goal to hike this route each season.

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Bonson Lam 4 weeks ago
The photo of Mt Fuji is magnificent. Yes it is time to get some fresh air, and be in nature's playground, places that inspired poets and artists for centuries.
Kim a month ago
Hadano sounds like a nice town to enjoy!
Elena Lisina a month ago
Nice trip! To those who live in Japan it's easier to choose a fine day for climbing mountains. I come for 2 weeks and it's hard to catch right day. But, I was also fortunate few times!