Enjoy the Healing Power of Yokohama Dining Bar “Tatsufuku”

By Yumi Imai    - 2 min read

Just like English men who visit their local pubs every night, Japanese workers have their own haunts.  And the most popular places among them are small Japanese style dining bars called koryouri-ya, which provide a variety of liquors and dishes in a homey atmosphere.

Why don't you come and peep into this healing space?

Tatsufuku is one of the most recommendable places in the Kannai area because of the outstanding talent of the owner-chef, Ms. Tatsuko Hasegawa, who has been running this wonderful restaurant for seven years. The basic dishes are local cuisine of Akita prefecture, where Tatsuko-san is from, but you can also savor various specialties such as her original arrangement of seasonal seafood or edible mountain herbs. Her sundry dishes enable her customers to visit every day!  Her fish plates especially lure many gourmets. As both the seafood and herbs are typical and unique Japanese ingredients, you can learn Japanese food culture at the same time.

On the other hand, food is not the only art you can find here. The chic interior consisting of a L-shaped counter, beautiful art work on the wall, and paper lamps, will give you some hints about why Japanese people still find the magic of healing in such restaurants — and the beautiful hand crafted glasses and plates will explain to you the meaning of “we eat with our eyes.”

But there is a last secret why Tatsufuku grabs many hearts so strongly: the air produced by the regular faces charms them. Feel free to join the frank and homey conversation any time—even on your first visit. Many of the customers speak English, have lived overseas, and will be delighted to welcome you into the group!

Of course you can also enjoy matching drinks to dishes, from a wide selection of alcohol including Japanese sake and shochu at reasonable prices.

At lunch time, Tatsufuku shows another face, as a diner with standard Japanese lunch sets. Feel relaxed to choose one from the all-star menu, for you will never be disappointed in spite of the moderate prices (less than 1000 yen).

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